Meet Our Team


Brittany Slater, Founder

Brittany was born and raised in Redondo Beach, CA. Her love for the ocean has been deeply implanted in her heart since she was just a baby. After graduating CSULB with a Business Finance degree and working in the corporate world as a Financial Analyst, Brittany found a different calling and decided to become a yoga teacher and purposeful entrepreneur. She created PureSUP Yoga to share her love for paddle board yoga and inspire others to live a life of peaceful purpose.


Team Lovers & Ambassadors:

Irene PureSUP Yoga
Irene Pappas
Irene Pappas is a DC area yoga teacher with a passion for handstands and SUP yoga. She is known for inspiring her students to find a balance of strength and flexibility, in mind and body. An avid Instagram yogi, follow her @fitqueenirene or like her Facebook page “Yoga with Irene” to stay connected.


Kendra puresupyogaKendra French
Kendra French is southern California grown. She is a yoga teacher and a model who loves sharing her practice on the ground and on the water. Kinesiology background she loves helping people learn about their own bodies and specializes in injury care and prevention.


Mermaid SUP Yoga Court
Courtney Hermann
Courtney Hermann, owner of Healthy Makeovers, is a Holistic Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coach dedicated to helping her clients become the best version of themselves through education, support, and empowerment. Courtney has found SUP Yoga to be a challenging, yet overall, fun activity that she feels blessed to be able to practice SUP Yoga.


Gabriel Azoulay
Gabriel Azoulay is an international traveler, writer, health coach and Yoga professional. His passion for Pure SUP Yoga is shared around the USA and the world as he encourages practitioners to go out in the water in a more eco friendly way. Follow Gabriel in person or through his writing on He uses passion for stories, humor and connection between others to build a global community.


Jenna Henryson
Jenna fell in love with Stand Up Paddling in 2007 and shorty after started experimenting with SUP Yoga. She loves yoga and has been practicing for over 10 years. Jenna also enjoys cycling, hiking and any outdoor adventures. She grew up in Laguna Beach and Lake Tahoe. She currently lives in Manhattan Beach, CA.





Other Talented Team Members: 

Mark Cavich, Designer
Fueled by a passion for timeless works of art and customer satisfaction, Mark has been designing for the board sports industry for more than 20 years.


Interested in working with PureSUP Yoga? We are currently looking for talented, inspired individuals to join our team! Reach out to us via email: