Live Free SUP Yoga Board


Live Free by letting go of attachments, setting intentions and living in each present moment. When you start to allow your life to move as fluidly as the oceans waves, you will notice you roll with the punches and are open to opportunities that are best suited for your life. If you live so focused on specific outcomes you might miss out on your true calling in life or source of real happiness. The ocean waves on this board remind you to move with the universe, freely. The OM symbol represents what is thought to be the sound of the universe being created. Om represents all that is and when chanted it is said that one gains tranquility and focus in their lives.

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Product Description

All our designs are available in three different sizes to best suit your body and your needs! Contact us for size recommendations!

  • Eco-friendly construction made in USA
  • Glassed using USDA certified bio epoxy
  • Lightweight (approx. 16-18 pounds)
  • Easy to carry, collapsible LiftSUP handle
  • Shaped for extra stability with flat deck
  • Specs: 32” width and 4.5” thickness
  • Cargo storage at top of the board
  • Extra long traction deck pad
  • Custom boards and features available including bamboo deck and resin swirls

Please note each board is hand painted and may not look identical to any other board, which is really awesome. Our boards are created to be as unique as you.

Email us for custom orders with a bamboo deck or resin swirls: info@puresupyoga.com


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